Paranormal Humor

Zombie Revolution

by D. D. Charles

"This book should be banned! Its whole premise can be summed up in one word: vampires are stupid. It's an insult to vampires everywhere. Banned I tell you!" 

 --Mrs. Randoma Vampiree 

Can a nerd zombie in recovery and a beautiful young vampire find love despite society's taboo against inter-undead dating and still fight off a vampire plot to hack the heads off the zombies and take over the world?

Zombie Revolution...has it all! Zombies. Vampires. High school. Zombies pulling vampires apart. Vampires whacking the heads off zombies. Teen angst. Vampires sucking the blood out of every living thing they see, even old people! Suburbia. Chihuahuas (...okay, one Chihuahua). Poison, conspiracy, Frankenstein monsters. Congenital generalized hypertrichosis terminalis. Zombies falling in love with vampires. Kissing! It's awful! And it's all in there!

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JoJo's Ghost

by D. D. Charles

Because being dead can be a real killer... A stripper, a prostitute, and a bartender find themselves in the afterlife. And if they can just get the hang of being dead, they’d love to find, and murder, the man who put them there. From the author of Zombie Revolution


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